Skill cap changes hit Star Trek Online’s open beta

Cryptic has been getting some fan heat over a recent revelation that Star Trek Online would, in fact, have a skill cap. This runs counter to the original message, which was that players who’ve reached the maximum rank of Admiral continue to gain skill points. In the new design, those skill points will dry up along with the new ranks once you’ve reached the cap.

It’s a sound design choice, as game balance, respecs and future expansions all require some kind of level cap. However, Cryptic noticing this problem so late into the game’s open beta is not such a great thing. The dedicated player base is used to the old system, and to them this change appears incredibly insidious. We doubt the more casual players will ever notice or care about the change, but that doesn’t help with the ire fermenting amongst the core community.

Star Trek Online’s Community rep StormShade has addressed the skill cap change and that sound design reasoning explanation is front and center just as expected. We only wish this move had been made a litter earlier on, before so many players got used to the idea.