One Shots: A happy reunion

With Star Trek Online officially launching today, you can only imagine how many folks are counting down to getting home and logging in later. With various locations from the different series, you really can’t blame any Trek fan for being excited about it. Today’s great One Shots comes to us from John H. who captured one of the more iconic locales for us. We’ll let him explain.

As a lifelong fan of the Star Trek franchise and someone who has played every Trek game since the Original Series game for NES, I’ve been anxiously awaiting Star Trek Online since I first heard of its development around four years ago. Deep Space Nine was always my favorite of the series, so of course I was thrilled to find that the station (and accompanying wormhole) were included in the game. This is an in-game shot of the station at the precise moment the wormhole opened.

Are you Star Trekkin’ across the universe? If so, feel free to grab a screenshot and send it in to us! All you have to do is send them to oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, and a brief description. We’ll add it to our gallery and give you the nod for sending it in.

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