E3 2010: New Group Play Videos Feature Multiplayer Dialogue

Bioware provided us with a trio of new videos at this year’s E3 featuring group play by three pairs of differing classes. The videos offer a sampling of the synergy between the game’s classes in combat, something we’ve not seen much of before, as well as examples of what multiplayer dialogue will look like in Star Wars: The Old Republic

The Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor go to town on some Tuk’atas.

A pragmatic Trooper and a ruthless Smuggler team up for a mission.

The Imperial Agent and Bounty Hunter take down their foes with surgical precision.

As many have speculated in previous videos featuring bits of multiplayer dialogue, the person who speaks at any given point of a conversation with an NPC appears to be determined by a random roll when in groups. If you notice the numbers beside the player portraits in the dialogue scene, the player with the higher roll