[Defiance] Patch 1.013 – Final Patch Notes


Below are the patch notes for 1.013 that will be deployed to PC, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 US & EU servers on May 2nd.

Patch 1.013 Notes: 
– Freight Yard competitive map is back!
– New World Thugs data recorder has been fixed to always work regardless of your level
– Old Friends, Old Swords: Added failsafe to fix situations where the mission does not advance
– Project Aegis, Part 1: Set the turrets to disable 15 seconds after combat has been complete
– Project Aegis, Part 1: Fixed the issue where some enemies were spawning without using a spawn vehicle
– Increased the times and locations of the emergency necessary to fulfill the “Svushinnira: Just Business” contract
– Lowered the minimum level required to gain access to Contracts from 250 to 175
– Removed one of the runners from the Mount Tam crash site to improve driving paths
– Vehicle stats will no longer show up as zero in the vendor buy screen
– Weapons that require an EGO Rating of less than 250 have been added to Faction vendors
– Lowered the minimum level requirement for the Soleptor Excavation co-op map to 100
– Lowered the minimum level requirement for the Island of Lost Soldiers to 150
– Lowered the minimum level requirement for the Scrapworks Salvage to 225