[Defiance] Weapon and mod Synergy

Synergy effects can be gained by obtaining and equipping multiple items that belong to a set. At present, there are two types of synergy: weapon-weapon, and weapon-mod. Weapon-weapon synergies require two weapons with the same synergy to be equipped, which will activate that synergy effect. Weapon-weapon synergy has only 2 parts to the synergy set as shown in this example, which shows that you get the synergy effect when you have equipped 2 weapons with Synergy: Nano-Executioner:


Weapon-mod synergies require a weapon and attached mods with the same synergy. In weapon-mod synergy, the more matching mods are added to the weapon, the more powerful the synergy bonus that is gained. Example of some weapon mods with synergy effects:


Weapon-mod synergy lists 4 levels of synergy effect. The numbers indicate how many matching mods must be added to gain the effect. (The synergy bonus is in addition to the normal bonuses that the mods individually grant.) For example in the image below, this weapon has two mods with Synergy: Scavenger so would have +2% item drop chance. If a third Synergy: Scavenger mod were added to this weapon, it would gain an additional +10% nano effect chance against out-of-combat targets.


Weapons and mods with synergy are rare but can be obtained throughout the world. Many of the factions in Defiance also sell special synergy types not available elsewhere. Faction vendors require you to spend reputation as well as scrip; this is earned by completing Contracts for the factions (listed in your EGO menu “goals” section).