All Data Recorder Locations

NumberPersuit AreaNameLocationMap ReferenceHintsFast Travel
01Mount TamMy Name is AraSerenity Acadamy(W) of the Bloodbath Gorge areaRuined building
02Mount TamGut CheckMuir GateEnd of the road (NE) Tranquility RoadTunnel entranceYes
03Mount TamThe ConspiracyKTAM Power(NE) of KTAM Radio StationIn one of the ruined buildings
04Mount TamThe Assassination of TorukuSerenity PowerBetween the vendors and Bloodbath GorgeIn the ruined building
05MaderaMove to Paradise!Kenn Farm~250m (W) of Rampage: Hellbug ExterminationLarge barn
06MaderaMy Lovely PredecessorShondu's Consulate (FT)Eastern Madera, on a peninsulaNear the doorYes
07MaderaMag-lev Negotiations ContinueShondu's Consulate (FT)Eastern Madera, on a peninsulaNear the doorYes
08MaderaMeeting with Jon and TorcIron Demon Ranch (FT)Northern part of MaderaMain houseYes
09MaderaJon Sworn In… FinallyIron Demon Ranch (FT)Northern part of MaderaMain houseYes
10MaderaCase # 44WKE - Teach, JosephIron Demon Ranch (FT)Northern part of MaderaLarge barnYes
11MaderaMadera Mineral ScanPitfall MineAt Hotshot: Crystal DefenseIn the pit
12MaderaTowers vs SoleptorAngel's Fall Mine(NNW) of Time Trial: North PointIn a tent
13MaderaVarus the Robber BaronBlithedale Mine400m (SE) of Time Trial: North PointNear roasting pow
14MaderaRaiders On The MoveLarkspur LandingWestern Madera, on the peninsula north of Shondu's ConsulateRuined building
15MarinWe're HomeTop-Notch Toolworks (FT)Island accessed by long upward bridgeRock island with windmillYes
16MarinNot My Best HourTop-Notch Toolworks (FT)Island accessed by long upward bridgeCatwalkYes
17MarinIt's Your WorldDogtown Mine~200m (NE) of Rampage: Hamburger HillScrap heap
18MarinHopeUnion Depot(NW) of Time Trial: Tiburon Uplands near the east-west roadMain building
19MarinFaithTowers Quarry~600m (ESE) of The Crater (fast travel)2nd floor by "Repair Conduit"
20MarinThe 99Mill Valley Mine(NE) of Muir Processing PlantTower
21MarinSubject RR24F - Session 3Muir Processing PlantMuir Processing PlantDump truckYes
22MarinJackleg Is BackBolinas Smeltery(NW) of Hotshot: Bolinas SniperLarge building, catwalk
23MarinThat's All I GotThe Crater (FT)On the edge between Madera and Marin on the western-most roadBarYes
24SausalitoMeeting With Ms. DucarCronkhite Bunker100m (SE) Hotshot: SharpshooterFenced area
25SausalitoBovisuida In SausalitoVerdant Ridge200m (SE) of Time Trial: Ridgeline RacerBarn, 2nd floor outside
26SausalitoPertohol In SausalitoDiablo Station210m (E) of Time Trial: BarnstormingSW building
27SausalitoThe Day After DefianceHeadlands Transit Depot (FT)(SE) headland of the little bayTorc's GarageYes
28SausalitoCharge Blade To The GutMiwok Ranch250m (SW) of Time Trial: Miwok HillsBarn
29SausalitoRaiders Don't Do BusinessCronkhite Post~500m (SW) of Time Trial: Barnstorming on peninsula with vendorsBehind large tower on ground
30SausalitoNew World ThugsMiwok Ranch250m (SW) of Time Trial: Miwok Hills2nd floor of the barn, jump on crates to the north to enter
31San FranciscoAmelio RodriguezBathhouse452m (W-NW) of TT: Wasteland CircuitNear Sea Wall, North corner
32San FranciscoCasti Male - Doe, JohnZhena Array776m (SW) of TT: Communications BreakdownBehind the building on the hill
33San FranciscoSubject HM38Shebo Lab285m (S) of OverpassAt the end of the building
34San FranciscoThe Beginning of the EndMutant District712m (S-SE) of Overpass2nd floor in a corner
35San FranciscoEMC OccupationDogpatch(SE) of Rampage: SMASH!!!Southern most white house on the street in Dogpatch, 2nd floor
36San FranciscoDefiance in the Face of DeathChinatown400m (W) of Merchant in NE San FranciscoIn one of the ruined buildings. 2nd floor, by a window and support beam
37San FranciscoRumors of Utopia(Small street with half-buried houses and a street car)245m (E) of TT: Wasteland CircuitHouse furthest North
38Co-opParadise Invasion101 KeysExplosions 101First area after the pier
39Co-opContainment Suit101 KeysExplosions 101West side of first island
40Co-opSoleptor Warehouse101 KeysExplosions 101Just before the bridge crossing
41Co-opBest. Honeymoon. Ever.Angel IslandIsland of Lost SoldiersFrom the dock, go left.
42Co-opTom is IncorrigibleAngel IslandIsland of Lost SoldiersAfter exiting the first mine tunnel.
43Co-opDon't Touch MeAngel IslandIsland of Lost SoldiersJust before the 2nd mine tunnel entrance.
44Co-opFinal Stages of EvacCronkhite BunkerCommandeer CronkhiteIn a rectangular room with turret, up in the loft.
45Co-opAn EMC PastCronkhite BunkerCommandeer CronkhiteIn a dead end between the 1st & 2nd round-shaped rooms.
46Co-opSecret AllianceCronkhite BunkerCommandeer CronkhiteIn the final round room before the interactive access point.
47Co-opReporting for DutyDelta Bunker EastLiberate The Lostlocated in the room with the ramps and the tanks, on top of the large, right side tank.
48Co-opShe Hasn't Much TimeDelta Bunker EastLiberate The LostIn the right-hand nook after destroying the adreno supplies
49Co-opBioman Adreno TestDelta Bunker EastLiberate The LostTo the left of the interactive access point.
50Co-opMine 99, Mark 1Mine 99The Mother LodeThe crossroad after the first fan, near an ammo crate
51Co-opMine 99, Mark 2Mine 99The Mother LodeDeadend to the left (south) before room for 2nd fan control, behind rocks/crystals coming up out of ground.
52Co-opMine 99, Mark 5Mine 99The Mother LodeTo the left/south before an interactive door, after all the hellbugs, before long narrow descent.
53Co-opRidgecrest MineSoleptor Excavation
54Co-opRidgecrest MineSoleptor Excavation
55Co-opRidgecrest MineSoleptor Excavation
56Co-opScrapworksScrapworks SalvageIn the first building, in the back(have to crouch).
57Co-opScrapworksScrapworks SalvageInside an orange crate.
58Co-opScrapworksScrapworks SalvageIn the secret room




NumberEpisodeNumberPersuit AreaNameLocationHintFast Travel
0101Mount TamSenator Gray and the ArmisticeSouth Radio Tower
0201MaderaAra Shondu and High Council AideShondu's ConsulateYes
0301MaderaFinal DraftThe CraterYes
0401San FranciscoSenator Gray's ResignationSutro Tower
0502MarinMeeting with Senator GrayMuir Processing PlantYes
0602Mount TamTesting Senator GrayEast Radio Tower
0702San FranciscoA Chatterbox is a TreasureBernal Tower