Contract Locations

Contracts start appearing EGO rating 250, and are daily and weekly missions that award reputation from different factions.
When the contracts expire they are replaced by a different set.

Completing contracts reward reputation, which is used as currency to purchase equipment from faction stores.

A Bullet's ProofRecord 5 defense kills in Capture & HoldEchelonPvP Daily
A Bunch of ToolsCollect 20 tool kits from Raiders in MaderaTop-Notch ToolworksDailyThe Hatch, Kenn Farm, North Point Mine, Angel's Fall Mine, Ridgecrest Mine, Blithedale Mine and Split Rock Mine.
Aegis GambitCollect 10 shield implants from goldrushersVon Bach IndustriesDailyRampage: Bolina's Sniper or Rampage: Minigun Mayhem
Always OnCollect 75 data cores from Bulwarks in San FranciscoTop-Notch ToolworksWeeklyRepeat the "dark harvest" mission
Angel on the ShoulderRecord 5 rescue kills in DeathmatchEchelonPvP Daily
Artificial IntelligenceCollect 50 control chips from Bulwarks in San FranciscoVon Bach IndustriesWeeklyRepeat the "dark harvest" mission
Atlas AttritionCollect 20 navigation logs from mutants at the radio towers.Soleptor EnterprisesDailyEast Radio Tower, North Radio Tower or South Radio Tower.
Belly of the BeastCollect 100 stomaches from hellbugs in SausalitoSoleptor EnterprisesWeeklyDiablo Station
Buried in PaydirtCollect 20 helmets from Dark Matter forces in major ruinsSoleptor EnterprisesDailySutro Tower or Downtown.
Clockwork GodsCollect 10 ai cores from Scapper ProgenitorsTop-Notch ToolworksArkfall WeeklyScrapper Projenitors are the repair robots in the final stage of Major Scrapper Arkfalls.
Cocoon CarnageCollect 150 shells from skitterlings around marin.Von Bach IndustriesWeeklyHellbug Extermination arkfalls in the Marin area
Defrag Dark MatterCollect 20 telemetry cells from Dark Matter forces in ScrapworksTop-Notch ToolworksCo-op Daily
Down to the WireCollect 20 wiring fragments from mutants in northern Mount TamTop-Notch ToolworksDailySniper Ridge, remember that first mission you did?
Explosions 101Complete "Explosions 101" co-op mapParadise TerritoryCo-op Daily
Gun to a Knife FightCollect 20 charge swords from Enforcers in San FranciscoVon Bach IndustriesDailyRampage: Dark Harvest
Information OverloadWin 7 Capture and Hold MatchesEchelonPvP Weekly
Island of Lost SoldiersComplete "Island of Lost Soldiers" co-op mapParadise TerritoryCo-op Daily
King of the MountainRecord 5 attack kills in Capture and HoldEchelonPvP Daily
Liberate the LostComplete "Liberate the Lost" co-op mapParadise TerritoryCo-op Daily
Metal Gear WrecksCollect 20 gears from omnivolts in San FranciscoTop-Notch ToolworksDailyRampage : Smash!!!
Most Wanted: Contract KillerScore 100 kills in competitive matchesEchelonPvP Weekly
Most Wanted: Dy'DekusoComplete the "Explosions 101" co-op mapParadise TerritoryWeekly
Occupational HazardsCollect 15 gas masks from rioters on farms.Soleptor EnterprisesDailyMiwok Ranch north-east of Headlands Transit Depot.
Parts UnknownCollect 20 parts kits from 99ers in MarinTop-Notch ToolworksDailyTowers Quarry, Union Depot, Mill Valley Mines, Big Stone Reach, Mine 99, Mine 98, Bolinas Smeltery and Port Stinson. / Hotshot: Bolinas Sniper at Bolinas Smeltery and Rampage: Minigun Mayhem at Hermit's Hideaway.
Pelts for PoseursCollect 40 hides from skitterlings around MarinSoleptor EnterprisesDailyKill Hellbug Skitterlings in the Marin area
Power PlayRecord 5 EGO Power kills in DeathmatchEchelonPvP Daily
Reap What You SowRecord 5 avenger kills in DeathmatchEchelonPvP Daily
Rocket SurgeryCollect 15 rockets from blasters on farmsVon Bach IndustriesDailyMiwok Ranch, Kenn Farm and Verdant Ridge.
Rust, Rocks, and ProfitCollect 20 mineral pouches from Mattocks at minesSoleptor EnterprisesDailyTowers Quarry, Union Depot, Mill Valley Mines, Mine 99, Mine 98 and Big Stone Reach.
Scavenger HuntCollect 20 weapon parts from Raiders on DocksVon Bach IndustriesDailyPirates Cove and Horseshoe Bay.
Scrappy SedanCollect 20 armor plates from scrappers in ScrapworksTop-Notch ToolworksCo-op Daily
Scrapworks SalvageComplete "Scrapworks Salvage" co-op mapParadise TerritoryCo-op Daily
Seize the DayComplete 10 Capture and Hold matchesEchelonPvP Weekly
Slayer of the FlockKill 50 players in DeathmatchEchelonPvP Weekly
Soleptor ExcavationComplete "Soleptor Excavation" co-op map.Paradise TerritoryCo-op Daily
Spike in the VeinCollect 100 mineral samples from 99ers in minesSoleptor EnterprisesWeekly
Student of HistoryCollect 35 battle plans from Dark Matter MonitorsSoleptor EnterprisesWeeklyRampage: Dark Harvest
The Air is ThickCollect 20 medicinal inhalers from Raiders at 101 KeysTop-Notch ToolworksDailyKill enemies in "Explosives 101" co-op instance
The Long BombCollect 10 hulker bombsVon Bach IndustriesWeeklySan Quentin Prison
The MotherlodeComplete "The Motherlode" co-op mapParadise TerritoryCo-op Daily
Trial by FireKill 20 players in competitive multiplayerEchelonPvP Daily
Vehicular ManslaughterRecord 10 turret kills in Capture and HoldEchelonPvP Daily
Vision for the FutureCollect 20 optical sights from Soldiers in Delta BunkerVon Bach IndustriesCo-op Daily