Datacrons are part of the codex system in Star Wars The Old Republic. They are placed throughout the worlds for the players to find, usually in hard to reach places. Although some of these items are hidden from view, spotting other datacrons may be relatively easy. Even with these more visible items, though, reaching the datacron will typically entail extra exploration and navigation problem-solving.

As a reward for this exploration ingenuity, if a player successfully reachs and interacts with certain datacrons, one of the player’s character stats will be increased — permanently. Here is the complete list of Datacrons, rrdered by codex entry #

1 – [Aim +4] X: -97 Y:21 Z:861* South of the Evocii Camp in the area with large robots, there is a fallen pipe wrapped in supports rested against a hillside. Climb it, and go over the hill to the east.

2 – [Presence +4] x: 945, Y-128 On an island NE of the Rust Yard. Run across the pipes headed north out of the Rust Yard to get there (you cannot climb the sloped sides of the island.)

3 – [Blue Matrix Shard] X: -10 Y:-12 Z:324* In the sewer area for the quest “Factory Recall”. Alternately, go to the Rust Yard. On the west side of that area there is a tunnel that leads down to the sewers. Just wander around until you find it. Guarded by a boss.

4 – [Endurance +4] X: -3626 Y:-1293 Z: 151* Black Sun territory – West of the Cantina (western part of the map). On the NW side of the area, jump up the boxes to the balcony, and run across the pipes. Use the sign to drop down on the balcony with the datacron

5 – [Cunning +4] : 1022 Y:-1036 Z:-3970* Justicar Territory – North part of the map, just East of what looks to be the loading dock area. Just look up and listen for it. Starting box is very obvious, directly below the datacron. Requires some platforming.

6 – [Yellow Matrix Shard]  X: 3744 Y:-4473 The Works – From the elevator (not the flight point), head straight until it loops around to the east and back north. There is a pipe you can jump up to in the most NE corner of this area. Follow the pipe around.

7 – [Strength +4] X: -3005 Y:3030 Jedi Temple – On the upper ring, West side. It’s bright red and hard to miss, so just look up.

8 – [Presence +4] X: 650 Y: 13  Old Galactic Market – you pass over this on the Taxi on the way there. The elevator directly below it is broken, use the one on the other side of the elevated area, or the ramp, to reach it.

9 – [Endurance +4] X,Y: (600, -85). NE of the cave that takes you to the Forge Remnants. It’s a cave on the north side of the pool of water. Walk through it.

10 – [Willpower+ 4]  X: -641 Y:36 Z:-7* In the ruins of Kaleth, there is a big spire that is tipped over that you can run up. Do so.

11 – [Blue Matrix Shard] X: -91 Y:93 Z:920* In the Forge Remnants area it’s on the West side behind a wall. The entrance to it is north of where you hear the sound, it loops around. Guarded by a Strong.

Ord Mantell
12 – [Aim +4] X: -656 Y:44 Z:-574 Savrip Island (NW island). You get up somewhere on the NW side of the island.

13 – [Presence +4] X: -976 Y:201 Z:8 West of the volcano on the west side of the map.

14 – [Red Matrix Shard] X: 777 Y:8 Z:199* North side of Manette Point island on the beach. Guarded by an Elite.

15 – [Endurance +4] X: 375 Y:77 Right next to the shuttle that takes you off world, on a metal platform.

16 – [Willpower +4] X:529 Y:65 Lower Wilds, you’ll see it. Run south around the plateau to get to it.

17 – [Red Matrix Shard] X: -54 Y:378 From the shuttle, head West towards the temple. Hang a left (south) into the Tomb area on the way, and exit to the SE. Head right (SW) once you get outside, it’s behind a wall. In an Elite area.

Dromund Kaas
18 – [Yellow Matrix Shard] X: 609 Y:1729 South of The Wall, in the SE Heroic area, fork south when the roads diverge the first time and look along the south wall for boss with his two lizards (alternately 2 holding pens.) Just east of him, there is a path that will wrap around to above the waterfall behind him where the shard is.

19 – [Strength +4] Inside the spaceport, at the south end, take the elevator to Docking Bay D-61. From the upper platform, drop down onto the pipes running above the datacron, which is located ontop of a pile of boxes.

20 – [Endurance +4] North of Lord Garath’s estate (south of the wall, SW side) there is an opening in the cliff face you can run through.

21 – [Presence +4] Follow the dotted trail South of the spaceport. At the end of the path on the map, vear SE and follow the path around.

22 – [Cunning +4] Head West out of Kaas City, and past the area with the malfunctioning robots. Once you reach the dirt road go NW. You will see a metal ramp which heads down a cliff across from some tents (the ramp, not the elevator.) Climb on the boxes north of this ramp, and get ontop of the rock formation. Follow the path, and drop down on the datacron.

Taris (Republic)
23 – [Aim +4] X: -1513 Y:-272 Z:-255 Resettlement Zone – North side there is a big pipe with a road running through it. Follow this road up the hill to the NE, and look for a ledge on the right side of the road that you can follow around. Follow the ledge, jump on the previously mentioned pipe, and jump down to the North east. Go through the hole in the floor here.

24 – [Cunning +4] X:1048 Y:-189 Z:453 Tularan Marsh – East-ish side of the map, in the area where you see blinking red bombs (north of the elite area) there is a pipe sticking out of the ground that connects to a building you can run up. Just follow it around. Takes a while to get to the datacron as it wraps all the way around the area.

25 – [Strength +4] Transport Station 5 – it’s in the NE corner on some scaffolding, very obvious.

26 – [+Willpower] At the abandoned hospital, go in the area beneath the destroyed building (it’s full of Rakghouls) and you just go through the emergency exit which is hidden behind a stack of boxes.

27 – [Green Matrix Shard] REQUIRES 2 PEOPLE – in the Abandoned Power Plant (SW of the east-most flight path) go East when you walk inside, you’ll see it above you on a pipe. Below it in the lower section of the area, there is a control console with a button. Standing on the platform behind the control panel where the button is will shoot a player into the rafters when the button is pressed. You cannot solo this datacron, period.

Balmorra (Empire)
28 – [+Aim] Markaran Plains – Okara Droid Factory – go to the Assembly Line (west most elevator) and take it down. Under the second-most south assembly line, on the west side, there is a place to drop down. Datacron is sitting on a pipe.

29 – [+Cunning] Balmorran Arms Factory – Power Center (the courtyard outside with the landing pads). Below the dock on the NE side.

30 – [Green Matrix Shard] REQUIRES 2 PEOPLE – Inside the Neebray Warehouse (where the quest “Big Guns” asks you to blow up generators) take the elevator down. Click the access panels.

31 – [+Strength] Gorinth Canyon – Far east side of the zone. South of the east-most exit to the Sundari Flatlands, there’s a path that’s not marked on the world map. Just keep going south.

32 – [+Willpower] Bugtown – There is a Space Chest west of town, on the other side of the broken bridge. The key for it is NE of the flight path, through the water, sold by a vendor (5000c).

Nar Shaddaa
33 – [Aim +4]
REPUBLIC X:-3361 Y:3313- Nikto Sector – NE section, jump up on a crate which leads to container, to an awning. Tightrope up to the top section, and make your way to the lamppost. Don’t walk across the line with the carpets, you’ll fall.

EMPIRE – Corellian Sector – From the taxi, head east until you’re in the first area with hostile NPCs (slicers, Hutt probe droids, etc.). You should see some benches on the sides of the path with shelters over them. You want to get on top of the third shelter on the right side of the path (there’s some shelves near it you can use to jump up). From there, jump on the floating kiosk and ride it up to the datacron. (currently broken, the shelter you jump on is not a solid object.)

34 – [+Cunning] High Security (Bonus Series area) – Far East wall of the zone, there are some crates you can jump up to get on a ramp to the catwalks, which lead to the Incinerator Room. Walk in to the fire and use option 2 to open the door (this might change at some point.) Make sure to grab the slot card (required for #36)

35 – [Presence +6]
REPUBLIC – Red Light  X: 3520, Y: -3290 – go in the Gauntlet Gang area (elevator) and go to the SW. There is a place you can jump onto an awning thing and get to the upper catwalks. Take the elevator.

EMPIRE – Duros Sector – Slums. As you enter from the south end, hang a left and climb the boxes and metal structure to get onto the balcony. Run across the canopy to the other balcony on your right and go through the elevator. Once on the other side, jump on the pipe directly infront of you to the left and follow it. Run down the canopy to the datacron.

36 – [Yellow Matrix Shard] – Requires Slot Card from Datacron 34 – Network Security Sector (Bonus series area) – Exit High Security through the central-most norther exit to get to Network Security. Once you’re in Network, go forward a bit and look up and left. The datacron is on a platform above you, inside the glowing white machine. You get to it from the area directly West of where you see it. Go there and jump up on some boxes on the east wall of that area.

37 – [+Strength]
REPUBLIC – Shadow town – On the west side of the map in the prison area, there are some boxes behind a security door you can jump up. Mario that shit, go to the right once ontop, and mario more shit. It leads to an elevator.

EMPIRE – Network Security Sector (non-Bonus series area) – When you land in network, look off the east edge of the taxi platform for the interactable “Unmanned Taxi”. Carefully fall down to it using the pipes located on the wall above it,

38 – [Aim +6] X-726 Y:862 On the SE wall of the Dune Sea there is a datacron, you jump down on it from above (from the zone to the East.)

39 – [Cunning +6]
REPUBLIC – inside of Anchorhead. Get ontop of the walls on the NW side and follow them south. Just stay on the roofs and go towards the middle of the town.

EMPIRE –  X:-403, Y:-3910 On the SW side of Mos Ila there is a triangular canopy (it’s on the map.) Jump up on the west corner of it. go NE, and drop down to walk across the stone archway. Once across, go right and jump across the various building features and beams. Go across the bridge, and head left, jumping across more things. The datacron is on a rooftop.

40 – [Blue Matrix Shard] There is a sand crawler in the SW corner of the Dune Sea. Wait for the Jawa Balloon to go past and jump on it. Take the ride around the zone (it takes 36 minutes exactly) and jump down onto the other crawler on the West side of the zone. The balloon will fly DIRECTLY OVER the crawler, so don’t risk jumping early, you can just walk off of it.

41 – [+Strength] Directly below #40. You can actually get this by jumping below it and clicking, but this might change.

42 – [Willpower +6]  X:624, Y:199 On the east side of Jundland (the large central map), in the north end of the area full of sand raiders, you will see the Datacron sitting on an outcropping on the cliff face. You need to drop off the side of a cliff into a cave to the south-west of where see the Datacron.

There is a Specialty Goods vendor that sells 2 items required to get 2 datacrons on this planet (and a couple others on other planets.) She is located in the Juran Mountains. There are a lot of dotted trails on map in the southern section, look for the one that is a counter-clockwise tilted “T”. She’s on the south route of that path. Buy the Red Detonite Actuator and the MGGS (14k credits total.)

43 – [Aim +10] Juran Mountains – West of House Alde there’s a pond with an island at the north side of it. The datacron is on that island. You need to take the lift connected to the island down to it.

44 – [+Endurance] King’s Pass – requires Red Detonite Actuator – inside the Ruur Kilik Burrows (south side of the map, elite area), go straight from the enterence until you see a Blast Pack. Use it.

45 – [Presence +6] X:1537 ; Y-280 Galarus Valley – There is a river that runs east to west in this zone. Look for a spire-like rock formation in the river. The datacron is visible from the north side of it. Go west from here, and look along the south side of the river for a flying creature you can click (he’s a good distance away.)

46 – [Strength +10] 2192, 380, -2019 – requires MGGS – Kaamos Territory- Lerantha Dam (NE corner of the map), west side of the dam. Right click the magnetic point. You can also drop down onto it from ontop of the dam, but you need the MGGS anyway, so may as well use it.

47 – [+Willpower] Galarus Valley – Inside of Castle Panteer – There is a “fake door” on the south west wall of the main room that brings you upstairs. Go right and wrap around the top section.

Taris (Empire) 

48 – [+Endurance] ???

49 – [+Aim] ???

50 – [+Willpower] ???

51 – [+Presence] Transport Station 5 – it’s in the NE corner on some scaffolding, very obvious.

52 – [+Cunning] ???

Balmorra (Republic)
53 – [+Willpower] Bugtown – There is a Space Chest west of town, on the other side of the broken bridge. The key for it is NE of the flight point, through the water, sold by a vendor (5000c).

54 – [Endurance +6] X-410 Y-292 Z-43 Bugtown – West side of Bugtown, take the elevator down to the Colicoid Queen’s Nest. On the south wall in the room with the Queen, there’s a decntly well hidden tunnel. Follow it around.

55 – [+Cunning] Markaran Plains – Okara Droid Factory – go to the Assembly Line (west most elevator) and take it down. Under the second-most south assembly line, on the west side, there is a place to drop down. Datacron is sitting on a pipe.

56 – [+Aim] Gorinth Canyon – Take a speeder to the Lower Markaran Outpost, and head south to Gorinth Canyon. Right as you enter the area, vear right, and run across the pipe. follow the path, and drop down to the datacron.

57 – [+Presence] Gorinth Canyon – Far east side of the zone. South of the east-most exit to the Sundari Flatlands, there’s a path that’s not marked on the map. Past the boss mob Sith Lord Vardax. You can’t see it until you’re ontop of it..

58 – [Cunning +10] X1317; Y:140 Directly north of the word “Republic” in Republic Operational Headquarters on the map, inside of a fenced off area, the hole is on the NW side. There are a few ways to get there.

59 – [Endurance +10] X:1121 Y:775  – REQUIRES 2 PEOPLE – Near the middle of the map there’s a solid road that makes a rectangle. The enterence is on north side of the road that intersects it, running east-west. One person goes into the big room, and the other presses the button to lock them in the room (which fills with poison gas.) After locking them in, get away from the door. The person inside needs to press the 2 override switches (near the middle of the room), which will vent the room, and killing the person who locked you in if they didn’t move. It will also open the door inside the room on the south wall to access the datacron. There’s a switch on the inside to let the other person in after the poison clears.

60 – [Strength +10] South of the Three Families War Camp, on the south-side of the big hill. There’s a small path between 2 baracade walls to get up to it.

Note: These 2 datacrons are out of order compared to the rest of the list. I didn’t number them, so don’t blame me.
61 – [Green Matrix Shard] Axial Park – requires MGGS (from Alderaan) – on the south edge of the zone there is a museum with an X-Wing in it. Enter it, and hang a right to to the elevator. Take the elevator to the roof, then climb ontop of the shuttle to the roof of the building. Jump down on the East side, and go across the roof until you can see the magnetic patch across from you (it’s pretty far away.) Walk into the building.

62 – [Blue Matrix Shard] Labor Valley – In the very SE area, there is a blue door that is actually a hologram. Go through it and follow the path past all the robots.

63 – [Cunning +10] X:3144, Y:-12, Z:475 Starship Graveyard, in the Star of the Coruscant (south side, east wall) – Ride the elevator to the top level, and climb the boxes in the NE corner (they wrap around) until you can get ontop the container that lets you jump on the containers that go back and forth across the room. Just ride them, it’s pretty straight forward. Don’t fall. Jump to the last box when it’s at it’s lowest point.

64 – [+Endurance] Starship Graveyard – NE corner, find a way to get on top of the archway, from the elite area north of it. Just follow the path across the ship until you reach the datacron.

65 – [+Presence] Glacia Fissure – NE corner, go through the cave that dismounts you, hang a left up the hill, and hug the east wall. You can jump up on the ice sticking out of the wall, just follow it north and jump down onto the elevated area that you couldn’t reach before. Run into the cave to the north.

66 – [Red Matrix Shard] In the very SE corner of the Highmount Ridge zone, just NW of the path on the map. Requires Hydro Thinner to open.

67 – [+Strength] Drops from the Ancient bot on the west side of bonus series area. There are instructions on how to obtain the datacron written on the item, but no one knows the location of the interactable to plug it into. (currently unknown/broken)

68 – [Aim +10] X-1691; Y-2234The Tomb – SW-ish there’s a lava pool with a rock formation to the west of it on the map (kind of looks like an eye). On the east side of the pool there’s a gap where you can jump down onto a light bridge and walk across to get the datacron. Use the teleportr behidn it to get out.

69 – [+Endurance] High Security – North end of the zone there is an outcropping of rocks on the map, that kind of looks like an “L”. You can enter a cave from the north side of it, datacron is at the back of it guarded by a boss.

70 – [+Presence] Max Security – NW corener there is a giant bridge, before you go across it, hang a right and hug the wall heading East until you find a gap in the rocks, hidden by a boulder. Follow the path.

71 – [Green Matrix Shard] The Tomb – Go to The Scar (it’s the area covered in snow with a huge volcanic pit dividing the north and south ends) and look for little lootable items on the ground called Rataka Energy Cores. They look like little blue datacrons. Once you have 4 of them, go east to The Tomb area and near the middle of map, there is a giant tree (It’s on the map) that sits on a plateau, with a cave running through the middle of it (path running through it also on the map.) In that cave there is an elevator, take it down, put the 4 energy cores into the machine.

72 – [+Willpower] High Security – Near the middle of the map (slightly north) there is a large area that is raised an inaccessible. On the NW side of it, there is path that cuts across to the NE side (it’s on the map.)

73 – [+Endurance] In the Shrine of Healing, click the healing crystal in the back right corner, then click the datacron. Does not work for Imperial characters currently.

74 – [+Cunning] ???

75 – [+Presence] NE corner of the Nightmare Lands (in the lake.) Meditate at the shrine.

76 – [+Strength] ???

77 – [+Willpower] SW of the town. Find a place to drop down into the chasm safely.

78 – [+Aim] ???

79 – [+Willpower] Blastfield Shipyard – you start in the SE corner of the area. You run along the side of a building, under the metal platform and jump onto a beam that runs to the East. It’s kind of hard to explain and far away from where the datacron actually is. If you find the Datacron (it’s in the southern area, in the open) just kind of trace the path to the West.

80 – [+Presence] ???

81 – [+Cunning] Labor Valley – North of the Republic train station, look for a flaming pipe overhead on the East side of the road running North-South. Go around the building to the NE side, climp up the pile of debris, and run around the roof to where the flaming pipe was. It’s inside the broken pathway.

82 – [+Strength] Labor Valley – South of the Republic train station look for a crane holding a shuttle. Run up the pipe that is holding up the canopy, and jump onto the shuttle from the canopy. Jump off on the other end, and ride the impromptu-elevator to get on the higher box to jump to the datacron.

83 – [+Aim] ???

84 – [+Endurance] Near the middle of the map there’s a pit area with an elevator. At the bottom of the pit, the path forks. Go right.

85 – [Red Matrix Shard] Above the Republic bunker/base camp, inside of a tent

86 – [Yellow Matrix Shard] Just west of the Imperial base camp, in a house

87 – [+Willpower] ???